Variable spectrum for medium-sized companies.

The middle class is often the most difficult one. Too small for big contact centers and too big for smaller-based contact centers. Not to worry! Yoummday solves this dilemma qualitatively and quantitatively with ease. Whether your company needs a large or medium-sized contact center or simply an expansion of your own team, we are there to provide you with more than 3,500 motivated and professional Talents. All services of inbound and outbound inquiries are scalable to the minimum and extendable to the maximum lengths. Unprecedented flexibility and smart infrastructure means that your requirements can be launched very quickly at unbeatable prices. Contact us and let our qualified Project Managers advise you on how cost-effective a Contact Center can be.

Who does not honor the small businesses, is not worth the big customers.

Even small businesses often require telecommunications support. Whether customer support, telesales, acquisition or your own secretariat, our range of services cover everything necessary in all industries, so you can concentrate fully on your company. Our Talent Pool includes more than 3,500 motivated and experienced operators who can select and assemble according to your own criteria (budget, requirements, language, dialect, region, etc.). No fixed costs - you only pay the phone call per minute at an unbeatable price. With 5 or more Talents, Yoummday also provides you with a Project Manager. Great service in a small frame.